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10 FAQs: San Marco Transportation Alternative

For a more detailed explanation of the transportation alternatives on San Marco, read our Home Page story, or visit for all of your Mobility answers.  If you still can't find what you are looking for, contact the Public Works Department at 904-825-1060, or send an email directly to

1. What is the project area?

2. What part of San Marco is being resurfaced?

3. What are the options being consider by the city for San Marco Ave.?

4. How many parking spaces are there in the project on San Marco Ave.?

5. Why must FDOT remove some parking spaces?

6. Does the project only involve resurfacing?

7. Why not wait until after May St. intersection is complete?

8. Could the city increase parking availability just off San Marco Ave.?

What are the opportunities for community input?

10. Is there one option or another that works better with the city's stated vision for its future?