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Residential Parking

The controlled parking in residential areas policy is intended to alleviate chronic levels of commuter vehicle parking along streets with adjacent residential properties and is a reasonable exercise of the city's police power to prohibit the stopping, standing or parking of a vehicle in the controlled parking residential areas without the appropriate permit.  Download the residential parking permit application.

Permits and Applications

In order to establish Controlled Parking Residential Area restrictions in your neighborhood, a residential block must have parking overspill from out-of-area vehicles on an ongoing basis at least four days per week and nine months per year, with the following criteria being met:

  • Petition with at least 60% of households on each block
  • 50% of on-street parking is utilized
  • 25% or more of those vehicles are not registered in the name of a person residing in the area

This is known as the 60/50/25 rule. To demonstrate this condition on the street, you will need to file a signed/completed residential parking petition.

As a resident in a Controlled Parking Residential Area, once the area is established, you can then apply for a residential parking permit.  To better understand the oridinance and the policy as set forth,  view/Download the residential permit parking policy and also view/download the residential permit parking ordinance.

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