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Taking Action with Littlejohn

LittleJohnMobility is not a new issue to St. Augustine and there have certainly been many plans and studies over the years that have examined parking, traffic congestion and event management among other components of transportation. While many of these efforts have produced a multitude of great ideas, many have also lacked a holistic approach to city-wide mobility challenges and have not offered a specific focus on implementation. Visit the Mobility Planning Library for all previous planning studies and recommendations.

To ensure that this new initiative results in a plan that will be implemented, the city commission authorized the hiring the multi-disciplinary firm of Littlejohn, to develop and implement a comprehensive transportation and parking master plan that will address:

  • overall street network,
  • land use and urban design,
  • streetscapes,
  • parking,
  • transportation demand management, and
  • capital improvements program.

With the assistance of the Littlejohn consultant team and under the leadership of our city officials, the challenge of parking, traffic, and movement of people, will continue to remain in the spotlight and at the core of our decision matrix as we face the many mobility obstacles in 2016 and beyond.