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Getting Around Town

Being a small town does have its advantages.  St. Augustine is extremely walkable with friendly and inviting spaces in the Old City. Being a popular town, does have its disadvantages for motoring travelers.  St. Augustine experiences significant congestion during certain peak periods and parking is limited.  Travelers in and through St. Augustine are advised to plan ahead and schedule their trips accordingly.  Keep in mind that sometimes the most direct route may not be the quickest.

Personal Vehicle

St. Augustine has over 70 miles of maintained roadways of low speed neighborhood streets and collectors and are typically on average 20 feet wide.  Through travel connecting the city and traversing through St. Augustine are state highways; US1 and A1A.  The fact that the city is bifurcated by major state highways presents a unique and challenging task, in that the city does not control these systems.  A1A is a state scenic highway is a beautiful drive along the Atlantic Ocean and Matanzas River, crossing the beautiful and historic Bridge of Lions.


A favorite mode of transportation in the downtown area by bicycle.  Though with the narrow streets, don’t expect dedicated bike lanes; however, most major transportation routes through the city have sharrows, along with Share the Route signs. With over 30 bike parking locations in and around the most frequently visited and popular spots around the city, we invite you to ride in and enjoy your time here. 

The city is connected to many cycling opportunities leading to recreational and scenic locations within St. Johns County.  View the county’s trail master plan or read about the city's early efforts to integrate bicycle-friendly features in the 2011 Bicycle Plan.


Several parking opportunities exist: from a 1200-space parking garage located at the Visitor Information Center to on-street metered opportunities and parking lots.  Management and enforcement of the public parking is administered by other departments.

Seasonal Shuttle Service

The City of St. Augustine has responded to the demands of high traffic volume and special event weekends with FREE Park & Ride Shuttle services.  Initiated in July 2016 during the 4th of July weekend, and offered again in November - Decemeber 2016 during peak weekend days of Nights of Lights, this program has been well received and continues to be expanded and improved over time.

As we enter into spring 2018 and the high season of weekend special events, the City of St. Augustine again will be coordinating FREE Park & Ride Shuttle services.  Details can be found here and in our Mobility section of the website as they become available.

Transit Services

While St. Augustine does not have its own dedicated public transportation system, St. Johns County operates the Sunshine Bus Company with 2 local routes.  The Red Line serves A1A, Downtown, and the St. Johns  County Government Center; and the Blue Line serves some of the major local shopping centers, including (but not limited to) Wal-Mart, Cobblestone, Flagler Hospital, and Flagler Auditorium. 

Walking & Handicapped Accessibility

With 70+ miles of roadways, most streets in the city have sidewalks.  The city actively maintains and upgrades their network of sidewalks throughout the city and gives greatest attention to connectivity and accessibility.  St. Augustine touts a walk score of 85 out of 100 as a very walkable city.  Walking audits and safety studies are common occurrences.  Requests for service or study may be requested through Public Works.

A map of handicapped parking areas is available here.

Taxi/Vehicles For Hire

Due to the increased number of transportation service providers, we cannot list them all here; however, many companies are available throughout the City of St. Augustine. Be on the lookout for painted cars and vans, and vehicles with magnetic signs and rooftop signage. 

You will find taxis parked at the East end of the Plaza de la Constitucion (along Avenida Menendez), as well as the North side driveway of the Visitor Information Center (on S. Castillo Dr.). The best way to locate a taxi service is to Google "taxi companies near me", or try a taxi service app from your mobile device.