Avenida Menendez Seawall




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The Team

City Commissioners

  • Mayor Joseph L. Boles, Jr.
  • Vice Mayor-Commissioner Leanna S. A. Freeman
  • Commissioner Errol D. Jones
  • Commissioner Nancy Sikes-Kline
  • Commissioner Bill Leary

City Staff

  • John P. Regan, P.E., City Manager
  • Martha S. Graham, P.E., Director, Public Works
  • William Mendez, P.E., Engineering Manager
  • Reuben C. Franklin Jr., P.E., Project Engineer
  • Alison Ratkovic, City Clerk
  • Carl Halbirt, Archeologist


  • Michael P. Whelan, P.E., Taylor Engineering
  • Jennifer Klich, E.I., Taylor Engineering

Construction Contractor

  • C&D Construction

Florida Department of Emergency Management

  • Bryan Koon, Director, Division of Emergency Management
  • Miles E. Anderson, Mitigation Bureau Chief
  • Steve Martin, NFIP Program Manager
  • Luz Bossanyi, Engineering Program Manager
  • Helen M. Johnson, Project Manager
  • Adele Balmer Environmental Specialist
  • Juan Zaida, State Engineer

Federal Emergency Management, Region IV

  • Gabriela Vigo, Ph.D., CFM, Hazard Mitigation Specialist
  • Stephanie Madson, Ph.D., Deputy Regional Environmental Officer
  • Cynthia B. Bailey, Environmental Protection Specialist
  • FEMA Contractors - URS
    • Carrie Albee
    • Chris Polglase
    • J.B. Pelletier
    • Linda Mackey

State Office of Historic Preservation

  • Scott Edwards, Historic Preservationist
  • Timothy Parsons, Ph.D., RPA Compliance Review Supervisor and  Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer
  • Laura A. Kammerer, Compliance Review Supervisor and Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer (retired 2012)

Historic Masonry Conservator

  • Herschel Shepard, FAIA Emeritus

The City of St. Augustine

The Avenida Menendez Seawall Project is a project of the City of St. Augustine made possible through Florida Division of Emergency Management with funds provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) Flood Mitigation Assistance Grant program.