Avenida Menendez Seawall




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09.2012 Seawall 25(photo credit: Sean McNeil/PressLaunch)

Here are some helpful resource materials connected with the project and the communty-wide effort to bring it to fruition:

Environmental Assessment for St. Augustine Seawall, City of St. Augustine, St. Johns County, Florida (July 2011)

St. Augustine Seawall Flood Mitigation Project, Public Works presentation to the City Commission (August 2011)

Fully executed Seawall Agreement between the City of St. Augustine and the State of Florida Division of Emergency Management (November 2011)

Map of the Seawall Mitigation Project showing properties with and without National Flood Insurance Program Policies (May 2010)

Historic St. Augustine Seawall National Historic Preservation Act Section 106 Report (January 2005)

Archaeological Investigations Along the Seaward Side of St. Augustine's historic 19th-Century Sea Wall

The Avenida Menendez Seawall Project is a project of the City of St. Augustine made possible through Florida Division of Emergency Management with funds provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) Flood Mitigation Assistance Grant program.