Development & Utility Connections




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FAQ: Site Development & Utilities

What is the first step I need to take?

Current Utility Flow-Based Assessment Fees for typical uses?

Payment Options for Utility Connection Charges?

How long will it take to provide water / sewer service?

When should I pay Utility Connection Charges?

When will the City install my utility services?

Where will my new water/sewer services be located?

How do I unlock my water meter, set up, activate or change a City Utility Account?

Why are Utility Connection Fees charged?

Changes-of-Use? Additional Uses? Increases in Use?

Water/sewer is already connected, why do I need an Availability Request form?

Are Utility Connection Charges transferable or refundable?

Do utility connection charges expire?

Demolition of existing building connected to City water / sewer?

My property is outside City limits; why should I contact the City for utility service?

Is City Water/Sewer Connection Mandatory?

What is the difference between gravity sewer and pressurized sewer?

Installation / connection of building service line to new water / sewer service?

Requirements for existing wells and septic tanks after connection to City water / sewer?

Responsibility for maintenance and repair of service connections?

Separate Landscape Irrigation water meter?

Backflow Prevention requirements?

Construction water? - Hydrant Meter

Domestic & Fire Water Services, and Sewer Services - Sizes and other information?

Are double or combined services allowed?

Are Master Meters allowed?

Fire Hydrant Flow Tests?

City utility crew NOT responsible for water / sewer service installation?

Development of property not adjacent to existing City water / sewer lines?

Where can City utilities be installed? / City Utility Easements?