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Proper Use of Space Heaters

Fire Marshal Bob Growick, also the  Division Chief of Fire  Prevention shares an important message:

We are going to be talking about portable radiant space heaters.  Did you know these units are the 2nd leading cause of residential fires in the United States, annually? Each year, 65,000 residential fires are attributed to these units.

Portable radiant space heaters are a good source of supplemental heating in your home, providing you adhere to the following important steps:


  1. Purchase a space heater with a UL (Underwriters Laboratory) or FM (Factory Mutual) label attached to the unit
  2. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions – this may seem insignificant, but each unit can have very minor, but very significant differences in its proper use.
  3. The unit should also have an automatic shut off, in the event of it being knocked over.  Can you tell the difference here, which one has the automatic safety feature ?
  4. Place the space heater at least 3 feet away from anything that can burn, such as:
    • Furniture
    • Bedding
    • Curtains
    • Clothing
    • Paper
    • When placed too close to these combustible materials, they will catch fire. Placing the heater within the manufacturer's recommended fire-safe distance, you will reduce the possibility of a fire.
  5. Do not place the heater on top of other furniture – it should be on a level flat surface
  6. ALWAYS turn OFF the heater when you leave a room or the house, and be sure to disconnect the electric cord – a short in the electrical circuit can also cause a fire.

Using the appropriate unit for your space, as well as using it properly, will not only give you a warm place to be, but also the peace of mind of being safe.

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