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View/Download Self-Inspection Worksheet Instructions
View/Download the Self-Inspection Worksheet

Please check a box on each line as either a ‘violation’ or ‘no violation’.  If the item does not apply to your business, check ‘no violation’ and enter ‘does not apply’ or ‘N/A’ under the date corrected column. 

Violations or discrepancies that you discover are to be corrected and the date of correction noted on the worksheet.  If the correction cannot be completed at the time of the self-inspection, indicate the estimated date of correction and mail the worksheet to:

St. Augustine Fire Department
Attn: Fire Marshal
101 Malaga Street
St. Augustine, FL  32084 

As our goal is to improve community fire safety, no citations will be issued relative to violations discovered and noted.  However, random businesses may be selected monthly for inspection by a Fire Safety Inspector.