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Historic Preservation Master Plan

Project Description

18xxplazabasinWhat is a Historic Preservation Master Plan?
This is a plan that varies between communities, based on their identified needs for historic preservation. In general, it will identify the existing conditions including a narrative of preservation planning history and regulations in the City, identify the community’s historic and cultural resources, provide an assessment of current and future needs based upon successes and challenges in the public and private stewardship of those resources, identify community goals and objectives and relate those to policies and strategies, and finally it will offer an implementation schedule.

The St. Augustine Historic Preservation Master Plan

The City of St. Augustine has a long history of preservation planning which was formalized in 1971 with five (5) Historic Preservation Zoning Districts with applicable architectural guidelines for redevelopment projects, and in 1974 the creation of the Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB) to protect the architectural character and integrity of the historic preservation districts. In addition to the Historic Preservation Zoning Districts, there are 7 National Register Historic Districts, 33 Individually listed buildings and sites on the National Register, and 5 buildings that have National Historic landmark designation along with the Town Plan National Historic Landmark District which refers to the entire fortified Colonial city from Orange Street to San Salvador, and Cordova Street to Avenida Menendez.

Last year, the City began the process to formally develop a Historic Preservation Plan for St. Augustine1885viewCrop that would synthesize previous planning efforts reflecting current preservation values, as well as goals and recommendations for the future. With the help of the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions (NAPC) the planning process started off with an expert speaker to introduce the concept of the Historic Preservation Master Plan and was followed by a survey to gather initial public input. In January 2016, the consulting firm of Preservation Design Partnership, LLC, based out of Philadelphia, PA, was selected to head the effort to develop the St. Augustine Historic Preservation Master Plan which is anticipated to be completed later this year.

This webpage is intended to serve as a base for all information pertaining to the St. Augustine Historic Preservation Master Plan. Check back for more information regarding meeting and presentation dates, and document uploads. 

Meetings and Presentations

The public process is an important component to developing the Historic Preservation Master Plan. A series of opportunities for public input have occurred over the past year and will continue to the plan’s conclusion. In March and June of 2015, the HARB hosted a presentation by a NAPC expert and a public workshop to discuss what this planning document is and how St. Augustine wanted to develop the plan. This was followed by a survey open from December 2015 until mid-January 2016 that was available through the City’s website and at the Planning and Building Department and focused on asking about the proprieties for historic preservation in St. Augustine, the current strengths and weaknesses, and what should be achieved with the Historic Preservation Master Plan. The survey received over 400 responses, and the results can be viewed here. Look at the following event details about upcoming opportunities to be involved with the Historic Preservation Master Planning process.

Videos of past presentations and meetings:
3/2/15    Presentation by National Alliance for Preservation Commissions
5/19/16  Historic Preservation Master Plan Public Forum
8/18/16  Public Meeting and Consultant discussion with the HARB


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