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Planning & Zoning

AnastasiaIslandMapThe Planning and Building Department provides certified professional services for the enforcement of the City’s codes related to the development of land.  These regulations relate to the health, safety and welfare of residents and visitors of St. Augustine. 

The Planning Division is responsible for long and short term planning for the City of St. Augustine. This involves State mandated long term planning, as well as, enforcement of the zoning code and land development regulation responsibilities for the City. Long term planning includes reviewing development proposals for compliance with the Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use designations for property within the City.

These designations define the overall density and intensity for the direction of development desired by the City as adopted in the Comprehensive Plan, and outlined in the Goals, Objectives and Policies.  The Comprehensive Plan also defines how the City plans to support and achieve the desired development. The Comprehensive Plan is made up of Elements or Chapters.

These Elements include:
  • Future Land Use 
  • Transportation 
  • Housing 
  • Infrastructure 
  • Conservation and Coastal Management 
  • Recreation and Open Space 
  • Intergovernmental Coordination 
  • Capital Improvements 
  • Historic Preservation (optional) 
  • Public Schools Facilities Element 
The land development and zoning codes of the City specifically define the types of uses and development regulations for real estate and business development within the City. The development regulations range from subdivision requirements, permitted uses, building setbacks, parking, environmental issues, and landscaping requirements to the sign code.

The Planning and Building Department is one of the first places to find out what requirements need to be met to develop a piece of property. This includes, commercial development and site plan requirements, parking, landscaping and tree removal, sign code and permits, conservation overlay zone development and docks, and single family and multifamily homes.

The Planning and Zoning Board (PZB) is a volunteer citizen board, appointed by the City Commission, and is the State mandated land planning agency for the City. The PZB reviews applications for variances, exceptions, Comprehensive Plan amendments, zoning amendments, and appeals of staff to make decisions and recommendations to the City Commission.

Planning Projects
In looking at the long and short term goals of the City, the Planning Division deals with the daily needs of development review, and short term projects, five (5) year planning goals, as well as, 30 year projections and planning timeframes.

Anastasia Boulevard Design Guidelines Update
The City of St. Augustine completed the first part of a project to update the existing "Design Standards for Entry Corridors".  The first area updated was Anastasia Bouelvard.  One of the main goals of the update was to make the guidelines clearer and easier to work with as Design Standards.  

San Marco Avenue Design Guidelines Update
The City of St. Augustine has initiated the second part of a project to update the existing "Design Standards for Entry Corridors".  This area includes San Marco Avenue from West Castillo Drive north to the intersection of San Marco Avenue and North Ponce de Leon Boulevard (Welcome fountain).  Again, one of the main goals of the update is to make the guidelines clearer and easier to work with as Design Standards.

Building Condition Survey
Planning staff has initiated the periodic building condition survey of the entire City.  This survey is a windshield survey that includes the uses of properties, and the physical condition of any structures on a property.  This data collection is one of the first steps to update the City's Comprehensive Plan. 

Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR) of the Comprehensive Plan
Planning staff is looking to initiate a required evaluation of the City Comprehensive Plan very soon.  The City is required to submit a letter to the State Department of Economic Opportunity by December of 2018 that outlines the status of the City's Comprehensive Plan, and indicates the need for any potential updates or amendments suggested by the evaluation.  The evaluation of the Comprehensive Plan and any subsequent amendments must include an extensive public process.