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San Marco Avenue Design Standards

Project Description

San Marco Ave LogoIn 2003, the city recognized the importance of the ambiance of the city's entrance ways, specifically along King St., San Marco Ave., and Anastasia Blvd.  In response, design standards were created for these important thoroughfares. While not as restrictive as the rules in the historic districts, these entry corridor guidelines encourage the history and desired ambiance of these particular streets.

Now, nearly 15 years after their enactment, the design standards need to be reviewed and updated. Rather than attempting to take on all three entry ways, the city is taking them one-by-one. The updated standards for Anastasia Blvd. were adopted by the City Commission at its September 25, 2017, meeting after more than 10 months of public meetings, drafts and revisions.

The project was identified in the strategic goals adopted by the City, is supported by the City’s vision plan, and is part of the City’s ongoing efforts to update the land development codes and guidelines regulating development within the City.  The intent is to also update the Design Guidelines for King Street.  This introduction flier provides an overview of the project.

  • The update will not impact the right-of-way or sidewalks of San Marco Avenue.
  • The update will not change the scope or area where the requirements need to be met, it will hopefully clarify these issues.
  • The update is not related to any of the issues discussed as mobility planning.
  • The update will not manage or change traffic patterns on San Marco Avenue, the guidelines are only appearance guidelines.
A survey was available for the public during the Fall of 2017 with a summary report available here.  The final draft of the update to the San Marco Avenue Design Standards was also available for review and comment.  On February 1, 2018, a 30-day review period began, and the public was encouraged to provide feedback.

At the Thursday, March 15, 2018, Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB) meeting, the HARB reviewed and positively recommended the update with some additional comments.  The PZB reviewed the latest draft at their Tuesday, April 3, 2018 meeting, and after additional discussion recommended the updated standards to the City Commission.

The final and approved San Marco Avenue Design Standards document is available here.

Meeting Dates

  • Thursday, February 1: 30-day public comment period of design standards draft;
  • Thursday, February 8: Joint workshop of the Historic Architectural Review Board and Planning & Zoning Board;
  • Thursday, March 15, 1:00pm, The Alcazar Room, City Hall: Historic Architectural Review Board meeting;
  • Tuesday, April 3, 2:00pm, The Alcazar Room, City Hall: Planning and Zoning Board meeting;
  • Monday, June 25, 5:00pm, The Alcazar Room, City Hall: City Commission considered the updated standards for adoption by Resolution;
  • June Planning and Zoning Board and City Commission meetings for recommendations and adoption Public Hearings regarding any required code clarifications.