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Comprehensive Planning Projects

Building Condition Survey

Planning staff has initiated the periodic building condition survey of the entire City.  This survey is a windshield survey that includes the uses of properties, and the physical condition of any structures on a property.  This data collection is one of the first steps to update the City's Comprehensive Plan.

Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR) of the Comprehensive Plan

Planning staff is initiating the required evaluation of the City's Comprehensive Plan.  The City is required to submit a letter to the State Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) by December of 2018 that outlines the status of the City's Comprehensive Plan, and indicates the need for any potential updates or amendments suggested by the evaluation.  The evaluation of the Comprehensive Plan and any subsequent amendments must include an public process.

The first discussion related to the Evaluation Report was scheduled for the Planning and Zoning Board meeting on Tuesday, May 1, 2018.  The Plannning and Zoning Board began the process by looking at the Future Land Use Element of the Comprehensive Plan.  This is a two (2) year process, the initial emphasis is to identify broad local issues that may need to be addressed by the Comprehensive Plan.

For additional information please refer to the webpage under Projects and Publications, and Comprehensive Plan.

Planning Projects

San Marco Avenue Design Guidelines Update

The City of St. Augustine has initiated the second part of a project to update the existing "Design Standards for Entry Corridors". This area includes San Marco Avenue from West Castillo Drive north to the intersection of San Marco Avenue and North Ponce de Leon Boulevard (Welcome fountain). Again, one of the main goals of the update is to make the guidelines clearer and easier to work with as Design Standards. To learn more about the Design Standards Update, the original Entry Corridor Design Standards, the public workshops, and how to become more involved in the process, visit the San Marco Avenue Design Guideline Update page.

Anastasia Boulevard Design Guidelines Update

The City of St. Augustine completed the first part of a project to update the existing "Design Standards for Entry Corridors". The first area updated was Anastasia Boulevard. One of the main goals of the update was to make the guidelines clearer and easier to work with as Design Standards. Visit the Anastasia Boulevard Design Guideline Update page for details on this project.

Preservation Projects

Historic Preservation Master Plan

The City of St. Augustine is currently developing a formalized Historic Preservation Master Plan. To learn more about historic preservation planning generally, the steps being taken to develop St. Augustine's Historic Preservation Master Plan, and how to become more involved in the process, visit the Historic Preservation Master Plan page.

Historical Markers

With funds provided by the Florida Division of Historical Resources grant (awarded in the fall of 2015), plaques have been installed on over 30 historic properties throughout downtown St. Augustine.  Selected from the list of buildings already posted on wayfinding directory signs, these locations include original colonial buildings and properties individually listed on the National Register.  The markers also include references to a mobile website.  Visit the Historic Property Markers page to learn more.

City Water Works Building

The City is currently working on an extensive rehabilitation project stabilizing and renovating the old City Water Works building with a State of Florida grant.

Survey Updates

An update of the City of St. Augustine National Register District nomination survey was recently completed.  This update includes the area that contains the original Town Plan for St. Augustine.

A survey was also completed for the Davis Shores, Anastasia Island area including structures 50 years old or older which has helped to define the area, so that an evaluation can be made whether to proceed with an actual National Register District nomination, or at least create a better understanding of the mid-century development of the area.

Civil Rights Grant

The City recently submitted material to the State of Florida associated with a grant recognizing the contribution of its citizens and establishing landmarks associated with the Civil Rights movement in the United States.

Additional Documents

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