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Historic Preservation Projects

The City of St. Augustine and the Planning and Building Department staff are constantly working to preserve the City's heritage as the "Oldest City" in the Unites States.  At any given time a number of projects are underway.

City Water Works Building
The City is currently working on an exstensive rehabilitation project stabilizing and renovating the old City Water Works building with a State of Florida grant.  This work is being done under the direct supervision of the City Historic Preservation Officer within the Planning and Building Department.

Survey Updates
An update of the City of St. Augustine National Register District nomination survey was recently completed.  This update includes the area that contains the original Town Plan for St. Augustine, which celebrated 450 years in 2015.

A survey was also completed for the Davis Shores, Anastasia Island area including structures 50 years old or older which has helped to define the area, so that an evaluation can be made whether to proceed with an actual National Register District nomination, or at least create a better understanding of the mid-century development of the area.

Historical Markers 
With funds provided by the Florida Division of Historical Resources grant (awarded in the fall of 2015), plaques have been installed on over 30 historic properties throughout downtown St. Augustine.  Selected from the list of buildings already posted on wayfinding directory signs, these locations include original colonial buildings and properties individually listed on the National Register.  The markers include references to a mobile website.

Civil Rights Grant
The City recently submitted material to the State of Florida associated with a grant recognizing the contribution of its citizens and establishing landmarks associated with the Civil Rights movement in the United States.

Archaeology Program
Besides ongoing monitoring and investigation activity associated with building permits.  The Archaeology Division designed an educational display for the Visitor Information Center, and with the help of a grant completed a Florida Master Site File inventory.

Preservation staff helped organize a Historic Preservation, Building Codes, and Resiliency workshop, and other discussions to start to understand the implications of Sea Level Rise on historic properties.

Design Guidelines Update
Preservation staff is also deeply involved in the current process to update the Design Standards for Anastasia Boulevard, King Street and San Marco Avenue.  The Anastasia Boulevard section was recently completed in September of 2017 with the City initiating the update for San Marco Avenue in October 2017.