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Historic Architectural Review Board Applications

Historic Preservation Zoning Districts

The City of St. Augustine has created Historic Preservation (HP) Zoning Districts to enhance and preserve significant historic buildings, objects, sites and structures, as well as important cultural resources. These districts serve to protect our architectural legacy, cultural heritage and built environment through education, planning and implementation of architectural guidelines.

The city has five HP districts. Within these districts are institutional, commercial, and residential properties that range in age from the Spanish and British periods to 20th and 21st century. Alterations to and demolition of buildings and sites within these districts require approval by the Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB).


Properties that are recorded on the state inventory of resources (Florida Master Site File), are 50 years old or older, or listed on the National or Local Register (individually or part of a district) require approval by the HARB prior to issuance of a demolition permit no matter what zoning district or location within the jurisdiction of the City the property is located.  Demolition of significant historic or cultural resources in the City is taken very seriously and must be supported by adequate documentation as provided on the application form.  Please consider alternatives including flexibility within the building code for substantive rehabilitations and financial incentives at the local and federal level when considering whether or not to demolish a structure.

HARB Applications

An application is required to appear in front of the board and is due the month prior to the meeting. Click here for meeting and application due dates. Agendas and board packets can be accessed here.

To learn more about how applications for development or redevelopment are evaluated, read the Code of Ordinances for Certificates of Appropriateness and Demolition

Opinion of Appropriateness

An Opinion of Appropriateness (OOA) is a review by HARB that the general concept, and preliminary construction plans meet the architectural requirements of the AGHP but that the information submitted is insufficient to grant the final approval of the project.

Certificate of Appropriateness

A Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) is a review by HARB that the proposed project is compatible with the historic district, building, site, or object following the guidelines in the AGHP. All project details are submitted with the application. The architectural styles presented in the AGHP will be used to determine how the project is compatible with the AGHP and Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation.

Certificate of Demolition

A Certificate of Demolition (COD) refers to the demolition of a structure, the destruction of archaeological resources, and the permanent removal of significant architectural features such as porches and dormers. HARB reviews all applications for demolitions of buildings and structures that are listed on the Florida Master Site File (FMSF), are 50 years old or older, have been designated an historic landmark, or are individually listed the National Register or contributing to a National Register District.

Preliminary Design Approval

For (re)development projects on Anastasia Boulevard, King Street, or San Marco Avenue, Preliminary Design Approval (PDA) is required. For more information on Design Standards for Entry Corridors, click here.