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Comprehensive Plan, Code & Guidelines

The City of St. Augustine 2030 Comprehensive Plan sets forth goals, objectives and policies to guide physical development, while protecting natural and cultural resources. The long-term planning function of the Planning and Building Department includes reviewing development proposals for compliance with the Comprehensive Plan. Future Land Use designations established in the Comprehensive Plan define the general character of each zone, including the intended intensities and densities of developable land. These land use designations define the type of development desired by the City and support the overarching goals, objectives, and policies of the Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is made up of Elements or Chapters. 

These Elements include: 

Click here to see the full Comprehensive Plan document.

Land Development Code
The land development and zoning codes of the City specifically define the types of uses and development regulations for development within the City. The development regulations range from subdivision requirements, permitted uses, building setbacks, parking and landscaping requirements to the sign code. These regulations are administered by the Planning and Building Department through the local permitting process. The public is encouraged to consult the following chapters of the City’s Municipal Code regarding land development, or contact a member of the Planning Staff for explanation or interpretation of its standards and requirements:

Design Guidelines
All real property within the City is subject to a variety of regulations. Depending on your property’s location, it may be subject to additional design review approval by the Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB) for redevelopment projects. There are two major sets of design guidelines used in St. Augustine to review applications for compatibility with the City's historic core and Entry Corridors. 

  • The Design Standards for Entry Corridors are applied to new development and redevelopment projects located along Anastasia Boulevard, King Street, and San Marco Avenue. Click the following link to see maps of the Entry Corridor areas. If you are ready to submit an application for a development project in one of these areas, please select the following application type: Preliminary Design Approval (PDA)