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St. Augustine is the longest continued inhabited, European founded city in the United States or, simply put, "The Nation's Oldest City.” Men women and children have lived in St. Augustine every day since its founding On September 8, 1565. St. Augustine is governed by a commission-manager form of government with its five elected commissioners who are responsible for legislative actions carried out by enacting policies and ordinances and approving all spending.. 

The commission appoints the city manager who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the city and all of its administrative functions in the same fashion as a CEO of a corporation with the commission acting as the board of directors.  Four of the city’s five commissioners serve 4-year terms, and one serves a 2-year term as Mayor. Every two years in even numbered years, city elections are held for two of the 4-year seats and the 2-year mayor's seat.

The mayor of St. Augustine is the official head of the city government and presides at all commission meetings and other official city functions.