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Transient & Long-Term Mooring Rates

There are three mooring fields serviced and maintained by the St. Augustine Municipal Marina.  Our two primary, transient fields are centrally located downtown, along the sea wall on the North and South sides of the Bridge Of Lions.  San Marco (SM) is to the North, Menendez (M) is to the South.  Moorings are numbered and labeled according to their respective fields. View a diagram of how the mooring pennant is best secured to your vessel.

The third mooring field is Salt Run.  It is located along the Eastern shore of Anastasia Island, due south about .5 mile, as you enter the Intracoastal Waterway, from the St. Augustine Inlet. This mooring field is home to many of our long-term customers who live in the local area.  The water tends to be much shallower, there is limited availability, shore-side amenities are at a minimum, and we do not offer water tender service to these moorings.  Contact the Marina Office for further information about Salt Run.

Moorings are reserved, just as dockage is reserved.  We assign moorings based on length and draft of your vessel, and duration of your visit.  If a mooring ball is open, please do not assume it is available for the taking.  

Effective February 1, 2017, transient mooring rates are as follows:

San Marco & Menendez Live-Aboard (LA) LA Resident* Wet Storage (WS) WS Resident*
Daily $23.47 $13.20 $15.40 $9.24
Weekly $132 $79.20 $92.40 $55.44
Monthly $396 $237.60 $277.20 $166.32
Annual $4356 $2613.6 $3049.20 $1829.52

Salt Run Live-Aboard (LA) LA Resident* Wet Storage (WS) WS Resident*
Daily $15.40 $9.24 $10.78 $6.47
Weekly $92.40 $55.44 $64.68 $38.81
Monthly $277.20 $166.32 $194.04 $116.42
Annual $3049.20 $1829.52 $2134.00 $1280.66

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*Do you qualify for St. Johns County Resident Rate? Find Out Here

Dinghy Dockage
Dinghy dockage permits are available for boats at anchor on a daily basis for $10.  This grants the permit holder access to the secured restrooms, showers, laundry and lounge.  Pump-out at anchor is available for $5 and must be arranged before 9 AM on the day of requested service. Water tender service is not available to anchored vessels.

Anchoring (Non-Regulated Anchorage)
Anchoring is permitted, but not within 100 feet of the mooring field boundaries, and not within 50 feet of any other marine structure (such as private docks along the waterway).  Anchoring is also not permitted in the marked channel.  An ordinance enacting a pilot program for anchoring and mooring was approved by the St. Augustine City Commission on December 12, 2011.  For detailed information of this and additional anchoring guidelines, refer to our pilot program brochure.