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Lighthouse Boat Ramp

Lighthouse Boat RampThe boat ramp at Lighthouse Park is open to the public.  There are approximately 12 parking spaces for vehicles and their trailers in the immediate vicinity of the ramp.  In the parking area at the entrance to the ramp (on the right), and the surrounding area, visitors will find additional parking for another 15-25 vehicles and their trailers.  However, parking does fill up and you may find yourself without a place to park your vehicle with your trailer in tow.  Parking with trailers is also permitted along Red Cox Dr.  The small parking lot on the west side of the St. Augustine Yacht Club is not open to the public, and the parking lot is marked accordingly.

Dinghy Rack at LIghthouse Park Boat RampOn the the grassy slope, to the north of the boat ramp, there are dinghy storage racks.  These storage racks are available for boaters renting a mooring ball from the Municipal Marina.  All other dinghy owners may beach and secure their dinghies on the beach at no charge. 

Time Limits

Lighthouse Park Rules & Regulations SignOvernight parking and boat storage is not permitted.  As a rule, once your boat is launched, you may leave your boat tied to the dock for the time necessary to secure a parking space for your vehicle and trailer.  If you will be leaving your boat unattended while you park, we ask that you move to the far end of the pier, or around to the north side, to allow ample room for other vehicles and boats to maneuver.