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Task Force to Review Proposed Aggregation Ordinance

AnastasiaIslandMapThe next meeting of the Aggregation Ordinance Task Force:
Wednesday, January 14, 3:00pm in the Alcazar Conference Room, City Hall

Last July, City Commissioner Don Crichlow proposed an ordinance that would aggregate, or combine, non-confirming lots in two residential, single family zoning districts, namely RS-1 and RS-2.

A non-confirming lot is simply a lot with a size that is less than what would be permitted under today’s zoning laws. In Zone RS-1, a non-conforming lot is one that is less than 75 feet wide or less than 10,890 square feet in area. In Zone RS-2, a non-conforming lot is one that is less than 50 feet wide or less than 5,450 square feet in area.

Under the proposed ordinance, if two or more non-conforming lots that are adjacent to each other are under the same ownership, those lots would be aggregated, or combined, to comply with current zoning requirements and treated as a single lot for development purposes.

Based on a survey by the Planning and Building Department, 95% of the lots in the city’s RS-1 district are non-conforming and over 60% of those in RS-2 are non-conforming.

Following a lengthy discussion which included public input at its September 2 meeting, the Planning and Zoning Board (PZB) asked the Commission to appoint a task force to review the ordinance. The task force, as defined by the PZB, would be comprised of six members including a representative from the Realtors Association, a member from the PZB, an affected property owner, a non-affected property owner, a city commissioner and a attorney familiar with zoning laws.

To learn more about the proposed ordinance, click on the recourses noted below:

Proposed Ordinance 2003-22

Members of the Aggregation Ordinance Task Force

Minutes of City Commission Meeting
July 28: Ordinance originally presented
August 11: Ordinance referred to PZB
October 13: Task Force Chosen

Minutes of Planning and Zoning Board Meetings
August 5: Proposed ordinance discussed and supported
September 2: Ordinance discussed, public input received and task force proposed