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Boards and Committees

The city's advisory boards and committees play an important role in the operations of the City of St. Augustine. Unlike the City Commission, members of these bodies are appointed, not elected. Some of the boards and committees require members to meet specific qualifications, such as residency in the city, or have a specific area of expertise. But while each body differs in its area of responsibility and requirements for appointment, they all have one common requirement: they depend on citizens willing to serve their city.  

The advisory boards and committees are subject to the State of Florida "Sunshine Law" and all meetings are advertised and open to the public.  Meetings available to watch online at

Meetings not currently available to watch online:

When appearing before any of the review boards, committees, or the City Commission, you must adhere to the requirements and guidelines set forth and submit an application to appear before any board.  Visit the Guidelines for Boards and Committees webpage for details.