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Civil Service Board

The Civil Service Board meets as needed and with proper public notice.

The board has five members. Three are appointed by the city commission and serve 4-year terms. One is elected from within the St. Augustine Fire Department and one is elected from within the St. Augustine Police Department. The elected members each serve 1-year terms. In addition, the Fire Chief and Police Chief serve as ex-officio members of the board.

The Civil Service Board has the duty to adopt, enact, and amend a code of rules and regulations covering the conduct and direction of the members of the police and fire departments; to prescribe discipline and control; to provide for examinations and lists of those eligible for employment and promotion; and to hear appeals of discharged and suspended employees.

Qualifications: Must be of different vocations; not employed by the city in any capacity, official or otherwise. Click to download the Appointment to Board application

The current members of the Civil Service Board are:

Police Representative
Mark Samson 
P.O. Box 1950
St. Augustine, FL 32085

Fire Representative
Brandon Seymour
P.O. Box 210
St. Augustine, FL 32085 
Loran Lueders

Les Stern
Steven Moranda, Chairperson
4220 Wicks Branch Road
St. Augustine, FL 32080

Ex-officio members
Barry Fox
Chief of Police
St. Augustine Police Department
P.O. Box 1950
St. Augustine, FL 32085

Carlos Aviles
Fire Chief
P.O. Box 210
St. Augustine, FL 32085