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Proclamations & Recognitions

A proclamation is an official public announcement or declaration given by the Mayor and/or Commission to formally recognize a special event which is deemed to be of interest and/or benefit to a significant number of citizens of St. Augustine.  Proclamations are an excellent way of providing valuable education, awareness and information to the citizens of the City of St. Augustine about the efforts and achievements of organizations that positively impact or enhance our community.

General Guidelines
All requests for proclamations must be made in writing or via email through the City Clerk’s Office.  Proclamation applications will not be accepted more than six months before the event and should be submitted at least four weeks in advance of a regularly scheduled Commission meeting.  Draft language must be provided to the City Clerk for formatting.  A draft copy of the Proclamation is placed on the appropriate Commission Agenda as an item on the Consent Agenda for formal approval.  Proclamation Policy information is available here.

Once approved, Proclamations are normally presented during a subsequent Commission meeting unless prior arrangements have been made to have it mailed to the applicant free of charge or picked up in person from the City Clerk’s Office.  The requestor or representative must be present at the event or Commission meeting to receive the Proclamation.  The City of St. Augustine retains the right to modify, edit or otherwise amend the proposed Proclamation to meet its requirements, needs or policy determinations.  The City of St. Augustine also retains the right to deny a Proclamation request.

Requests must include:

  • Facts about the subject matter - enough information to make four or five points
  • Specific title of what will be proclaimed
  • Date of proposed proclamation
  • Contact information of person making the request including: name, complete mailing address, phone number and email (if applicable)


  • When a Proclamation request is received, the City Clerk will confirm whether it meets all of the identified criteria listed below for consideration by the Commission;
  • Proclamations will be issued only in respect of activities that support residents of the City of St. Augustine or related events taking place in St. Augustine (public awareness campaign); and
  • Must demonstrate respect and tolerance for all St. Augustine residents; and
  • Should foster a sense of community

Proclamations will NOT be issued for:

  • Commercial purposes, such as the opening of new businesses, provision of a new service or product;
  • Business anniversaries of less than 100 years, and personal service to the community of less than 25 years shall not normally be recognized by Proclamation
  • Deceased individuals, retirements, birthdays, weddings, wedding anniversaries or family reunions
  • Matters of political controversy, ideological or religious beliefs, or individual conviction;
  • Events or organizations with no direct relationship to the City of St. Augustine;
  • Campaigns or events contrary to City policies or by-laws;
  • Attempting to influence government policy

Proclamations Approved By Commission Within Past 5 Years
The City Clerk will determine if a Proclamation was previously approved and may request updated information.  If it is determined that a previous Proclamation was approved and the date of the event is before the next Commission meeting, the Proclamation can be processed and signed by the Mayor immediately.  Once signed by the Mayor, the Proclamation is mailed to the applicant free of charge or may be picked up in person from the City Clerk’s Office.  If the date of the event is after the next Commission meeting, the Proclamation is signed by the Mayor and can be presented during a Commission meeting or mailed to the applicant free of charge unless prior arrangements have been made.

The City Commission or City Manager retains the right to make exceptions to this Policy.

Certificates of Recognition/Appreciation
The City of St. Augustine can also issue certificates of recognition or appreciation when proclamations are not appropriate.  They must be sponsored by a Commissioner. Certificates are issued at no charge to individuals and groups and only bear the signature of the sponsoring Commissioner.

Contact a City Commissioner directly to inquire about recognizing a deserving recipient.  View a list of recent proclamations and recognitions