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001volunteerThe ability of the City's Archaeology Division to undertake the multitude of projects carried out since 1990 is made possible through the efforts of a dedicated volunteer corps. Our volunteers participate in every aspect of archaeology: excavating, mapping, field notes, screening, washing artifacts,artifact analysis, and assisting in the preparation and editing, of reports. Most volunteers are residents of St. Augustine or St. Johns County, although some live in adjacent Flagler and Duval counties. A few are seasonal volunteers who live out-of-state.

Their interests are piqued by the discovery and subsequent information that is being recorded about their City's history. Most of our current volunteers previously had professional careers and bring an assortment of experience to the archaeology program.

A group of our dedicated volunteer base.Many of the volunteers are active members of the St. Augustine Archaeological Association, a not-for-profit organization whose focus is assisting archaeologists in data recovery and providing outreach programs to the community. Their efforts not only assist in preserving St. Augustine's unique past, but also help educate the public as to what archaeology is and what has been discovered. The City of St. Augustine is grateful for the hard work this group of individuals as given over the past 20 years toward uncovering and bringing to light the City's buried past.