Archaeological Excavations and Discoveries

One small shovel for archaeology, one giant backhoe bucket for demolition.
trowel and shovel
Field Analysis
Volunteer documenting a coquina well
profile and plan view
Typical archaeological investigation for a  residential construction project
Volunteers assisting in archaeological data recovery prior to construction
A commercial development in the downtown district
Excavating a 1740's barrel well at the Native American mission community of La Punta.
Volunteers operating Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) on the Plaza.
Following a mid-19th-century floor surface underneath a late-19th-century structure
Removing a concrete floor by jackhammer in preparation for excavation inside a functioning motel
Late Pre-historic subterranean entryway, circa A.D. 1300
17th century disarticulated donkey skeleton
excavating post holes from an 18th-century mission farmstead
Mapping features from the 18th-century mission community of La Punta
Trash Pit - Plaze de la Constitucion
Wet screening artifacts from an 18th-century well
Washed artifacts on drying screens
Volunteers analyzing artifacts in the archaeology lab
SAAA volunteers excavating 16th-century structure in the Plaza