Artifacts Discovered

olive jar
17th Century plates
Nineteenth-century hand bell from Oldest School House Site
Late 19th-century .22 caliber pistol
Seventeenth-century medallion depicting Saint Augustine, our town's patron saint
Early 19th-century matching teacup and saucer set of transfer-printed Pearlware
1902 City dog tag
Three views of an early 17th-century aboriginal pipe bowl
Early 17th-century silver doublet button
Concentration of late 19th-century artifacts
Late 17th-century Caravaca Cross.
Late 17th-century Native American potsherd
Woodland Period (A.D. 500 to 900) pinch pot.
Assorted Native American and European artifacts Assorted Native American and European artifacts recovered from la Punta
Cache of broken bottles
Non-local pre-historic ceramics
Young Avenue pottery
Colonial era historic artifacts - Young Avenue site
Sixteenth to nineteenth century musket balls and bullets
Late 17th-century collection of reconstructed San Luis Polychrome bowls from a trash pit
Seventeenth-century St. Onofrius-St. Macarius Medallion. St. Onofrius was patron saint of weavers and St. Macarius was Bishop of Jerusalem.
Revolutionary War (1775-1781) pocket knife.
Early 19th-century teacup and saucer
Nineteenth-century ornate glass decanter
Historic bone
Nineteenth-century iron strike a light
Late prehistoric (A.D. 1000 to 1300) animal effigy